About Lamabee

LAMA started out as a website to market my song, but now it is transitioning to something much bigger and more profound.  For not only will I release additional music associated with the sadness of a lifetime, but I will also chronologue the story behind the lyrics, in the form of a trilogy, if you will, as a means to pay tribute and “respect to the absent”, namely my dearly beloved mom, and brother, may they rest in peace .  And the irony in all of this will make itself clear, once the story is told.

These are the eyes of the soulful singer, Beverly Figueroa, an aspiring artist, singer and songwriter, hoping to break her way into the music world with her single debut.

For as long as I can remember, singing had been my passion. I was a daydreamer and would often sit for hours imagining myself singing before a sea of people, belting out a song that would pull at their heartstrings, like no other they had heard before.  I always thought that I would make it somehow, but life decided a different path for me.  I still held on to that dream in my heart, deep in my soul, and hoped that one day I would be able to sing to the masses.  In the meantime, I just kept writing songs because I heard music in my head and had lyrics on my mind all the time and I just had to find a way to release it.

This song, “Look At Me Again©” is just one of many I had tucked away, and one that I did manage to produce as a single. I hope you enjoy it and that you can hear its message, because it is quite unique to each listener, and subject to interpretation.  Listen for the sadness-listen for the hope-it is present throughout and all the way to the end.

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